The Water (Feat. Laura Marling)
Johnny Flynn

The Water by Johnny Flynn feat. Laura Marling

The water sustains me without even trying
The water can’t drown me, I’m done 
With my dying

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Truly Madly Deeply
Savage Garden
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Sufjan Stevens
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Timber (2014 Solo Version)



Ke$ha | Timber (2014 Solo Version)


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a collection of bastille acoustic covers: [ listen ]

‘Flames – they licked the walls,
Tenderly they turned to dust all that I adore.’
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American Wedding
Frank Ocean

American Wedding - Frank Ocean

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you say that you’re no good for me
'cause I'm always tugging at your sleeve
and I swear I hate you when you leave
but I like it anyway

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madari | coke studio: india (season 2)

I’ve been on a Vishal Dadlani kick lately so I thought I would post this really energetic number he does vocals for on Coke Studio: India. 

The music is by Clinton Cerejo, who has done a lot of background singing but is, to my surprise, also a fucking awesome music composer. This song is pretty traditional in lyrics, I think Sufi or Sufi-inspired lyrics, and yet the song sounds like a rock song. Well, it’s a rock song except for the break with the brilliant Sonu Kakkar in the middle (I have an obvious bias for the scratchier/huskier voices lol).

Coke Studio continues to be awesome *-*

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Press play and enjoy fuckers.


At first I’m just like “it’s fucking clapping, I don’t ca-” and then he began to sing and I took in such a deep breath my uncle had to make sure I was ok.

You don’t understand the kind of stress I went through to find this again and then it just decideds to pop up on my dash again!?

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Say You Love Me
Jessie Ware


want to feel burning flames when you say my name

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