Track Title: I Wanna Get Better

Artist: Bleachers

I didn’t know I was lonely ‘til I saw your face. 

Track Title: Eyes Like Sky

Artist: Frank Ocean

Album: Eyes Like Sky - Single

Frank Ocean / Eyes Like Sky

I said “I wish you could see the ocean.”
He said “I wish you could see hope.”
I said “Have you ever seen the mountain?”
He said “No, but my faith could move those.”
I said “I wish you could see the stars.”
He told me I should see love.

Track Title: West Coast (Cover)

Artist: James Vincent McMorrow

Album: Like a Version

James Vincent McMorrow - West Coast (Cover)

Track Title: Sun

Artist: Two Door Cinema Club

Album: Beacon


Ocean blue, what have I done to you?

Track Title: Turn the Wolves

Artist: Lotte Kestner

Album: The Bluebird of Happiness

You would turn the wolves on the one you love
If they needed blood and you couldn’t run fast enough
And it’s something that I guessed about you, love
It’s not new, just you how you are

Track Title: Wake Up Your Saints

Artist: The National

Album: High Violet (Expanded Version)

wake up your saints, jenny, i need them

Track Title: End of the Affair

Artist: Ben Howard

Ben Howard’s new single “End of the Affair” 

Track Title: You Carry A Sickness

Artist: Astral Swans

Album: You Carry A Sickness

nature doesn’t know that you exist at all (but I do)

Track Title: walt

Artist: 菅野よう子



It’s so beautiful

I’m in love with this soundtrack

Track Title: Chocolate (Acoustic)

Artist: The 1975


Nothing will ever top this version of the song.

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